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Support Trans Rights, Get Games

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Texas governor Greg Abbott has made a cruel attack on trans folks, especially trans kids, in Texas. This is fucked up.

Trans rights are human rights.

Join me in putting your money behind supporting human beings living their lives as their true selves. Make a donation to a trans-supporting charity before March 4 2022 and I’ll send you one of my games.

Charities You Can Support

Rewards (Pick One)

  • The Doomed
    • My Blades In The Dark hack of down-and-out supervillains getting by in the big city.
  • Powers For Good
    • My first game! Superheroes aiming to capture the style of Justice League Unlimited and Morrison’s JLA.
  • Old Mesilla
    • A blood opera western based on Lady Blackbird.
  • Catch The Devil
    • A game of fear in the late Anthropocene (a.k.a. the world we live in).
  • Beyond
    • For the adventurous only! This is an early playtest version. You’ll get an early look at something completely playable, but definitely not in a final form.
    • My personal evolution of Dungeon World into something a little stranger and weirder, based on years of feedback and pondering.
    • If you choose this option you can also opt to be added to an email list for any future updates. I fully intend to round this out into a complete game, but nothing is guaranteed. The mailing list will only be used to send updated versions, nothing else.

How It Works

  1. Donate
  2. Write an email to Put “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” as the subject.
  3. Attach your receipt from your donation.
  4. Mention what game you’d like in the body of the email.
  5. Allow a few days for processing. I’ll be handling these all manually. Be patient!


  • Donation amount is up to you. My guideline would be “significant” but I don’t know you, I don’t know your situation, just do it. Everything helps.
  • One donation = one game. You want more games? Make more donations.

Sage LaTorra is a game designer and engineering manager at Google. You may know him from Dungeon World.

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